Getting Started

Getting Started



Difficulty level: The level of difficulty of each lesson is shown here

Subjects covered: The subjects of each lesson is shown here

Parts/tools required: Any tools, parts, or equipment needed will be shown here

  • Each lesson will have specific skills
  • Skills may repeat from other lessons
  • Some lessons may refer to other lessons to complete first

  • Any standards will be listed here
  • Common Core standards
  • NSGG standards
  • ELA standards

  • Each lesson will have focus points that will be the target
  • By the end of each lesson the students will have learned these focus points

The 3d printing recommendations (if the lesson has 3D printed objects) will show here:

  • Print speeds
  • Infill
  • Material

Print time is approximately will be shown here to properly plan for the lesson.

If there are 3D printable files for the lesson there will be a link here.

  • Assessment sheets will available to download here for printable versions (if any for the lesson).

A preview of 3D printed models, parts, or other features of this lesson will displayed here:


To start the lesson click on the first section below: